Thursday, March 15, 2018

Removing Pet Odors from the Hardwood Floors

Many of us have the hobby to have pet animals in their house. We love them, take care, and act like they are our friends. A pet cat or dog in the room may have few negative sides.

Among them, the urine and shits on the hardwood floors is point of disgusting matter. Cleaning hardwood floors may reduce or remove the odor of pet urine as the urine creates unbearable odor in the house.

Here you will see the ways of removing pet stains and urine odors. Urine odors can create allergic problems. Again many human health problems are seen. That is why removing odors are important, especially when you are dealing your house with others or working in house reseller industries.

First of all, you need to know sources of odor. Make sure that the odor is coming from the urine or others. Many old houses having hardwood floors may have this odor. In this case, you need to wipe out the whole floors. You can use cloth damp or soft bristled broom for cleaning hardwood floors. Vacuum the floors with vacuum cleaner for better result.

Fill up the gap or repair any damage where the urine can gather. Many floor specialists advise to ammonia to remove the odor from hardwoods. You can try with damp mop with ammonia (in fewer amounts) on the floors. First you mop the floors and wait for some times to dry the floors. Then you can reduce the odors.

You can use black tea for cleaning hardwood floors. Black tea cleans the germs and dust particles from the floors. You can use black tea once a month. This requires less laboring to clean the urine odors. Purchase branded or non-branded black tea from the market. Select the lemon or ginger flavored black tea. This creates nice smell after cleaning hardwood floors. Boil some water and make a solution of black tea and water. Pour the solution in a round bowl and take time to cool down the warmth of solution. Bring a cloth piece and dump in the solution. Then you need to start mopping the whole floors including the corners and where your pets move habitually. Let the floors dry to soak the black tea. After 30 minutes, you will have nice smell and the odors will be gone.

Using baking soda to remove pet urine odors is good idea. Purchase a large box of baking soda from your nearby grocery store. Actually the size of baking soda’s box depends on the size of your home’s hardwood floors. Scatter the baking soda with your hands on the whole floors. It’s good to use gloves on hands. Sprinkle soda carefully in the cracks on the floors where the urine may stagnant much. Baking soda takes enough time to be soaked and you have to wait for some hours. When the soda is soaked, you can start sweeping this. After sweeping the whole floors, start vacuuming with vacuum cleaner. Now, you will have a clean hardwood floors without any odor.

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