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Garage Floor Tiles

Garage Floor Tiles: Types and Uses

People install garage floor tiles in their garages for various reasons. For some, it’s about showcasing their nice cars, expensive machinery, and high end tools while others simply want a good surface to place their workstations on. Because of the changing nature of the demand for these types of solutions, there are now numerous types of garage floor tiles available in the market.

Which one should you choose is a question that you’ll have to answer yourself but we can arm you with the information you need to make that decision. Here’s our small guide on different types of garage floor tiles, their respective applications.

Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles

One thing that most garage floor tiles’ reviews will focus on is the installation process. In terms of ease of installation, interlocking garage floor tiles are incomparable. The installation process of these types of garage floor tiles is downright childish.

All you’ll need to do is place the tiles next to each other and press on the sides and they lock together. Even the garage tiles design process is simple because modern day manufacturers now provide tools on their websites where you can design the pattern and style that you want in your garage.

It isn’t just the ease of installation that is making interlocking garage floor tiles so popular but also their durability and good looks. They’re available in multiple colors and are resistant to most types of abuse that garage floors usually receive.

The available sizes range from 12 x 12 inches to 24 x 24 inches. Cheap garage tiles of this type can be had at $2, while the top end stops at around $3 per square foot. Also, note that many of these tiles come with a warranty as high as 15 years.

Vinyl Composite Garage Floor Tiles

Vinyl composite garage floor tiles are possibly the cheapest garage tiles for sale in the market with prices as low as 69 cents per square foot. These garage floor tiles are preferred by those individuals who want to give their garage a retro look. The reason for this is that these garage floor tiles are glossy and have a traditional appearance.

While they are very resistant to liquids, they are susceptible to damage from sharp objects being dragged over them. Moreover, they require a considerable amount of maintenance in the form of buffs and polishes.

Effectively, if you work with a lot of sharp tools or heavy machinery, then you might want to pass on them. They are usually found to be 12 x 12 inches across and one eighth of an inch thick.

Flexible Vinyl Garage Floor Tiles

One of the best garage floor tiles today in terms of looks (12+ color schemes), ease of installation, and resistance to damage are flexible vinyl garage floor tiles.

They only require you to peel off their back cover and put them in the right position on the floor. Since they have an adhesive at their back, they stick straight away. Their available size varies from 12 x 12 inches to 24 x 24 inches at a cost of $3 per square foot.

How to Choose?

Because of the various pros and cons of different types of garage floor tiles, it can become difficult to choose between them. The trick is to begin by figuring out what exactly are your priorities.

Ideally, you should make a small priority list containing the qualities that are most important to you in descending order of importance. Elements you should consider while choosing garage floor tiles include looks, cost, durability, installation process, and versatility.

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