Thursday, March 8, 2018

Ceramic Tiles That Look like Wood

With the advancements in ceramic technology it is now possible for you to obtain any type of tiles that give you a natural look. Once there were tiles available in only one or two colors or material. But now you will find thousands of different types of tiles in the market. Recently the trends of ceramic tiles that look like wood have been seen in offices and homes. Such tiles are composed of porcelain and ceramic along with wood finishing that gives look similar to real wood flooring. Tiles that look like wood have been available in the market for past couple of years which are the blessings of advancement in technologies that gives extra ordinary finishing to tiles that cannot be easily differentiated from real wood.

But look is not all you get in ceramic tiles that look like wood as feeling is another factor that has been added to such type of tiles. The knocking sound of wood tiles is something you will found in the advanced type of ceramic tiles. In USA and UK most of the people prefer those tiles that look like wood due to nature and durability of ceramic tiles over natural wood flooring.

Are those tiles that look like wood a good option for you to go with?

Answer to the above question is definitely a YES. Because there are some advantages and priorities that you will find in tiles that look like wood over the traditional and real wood tiles. Tiles that look like wood are more durable and are less expensive than real wood flooring. Another main reason to install ceramic wood tiles is that they are easy to install, available in large sizes and are easier to clean than real wood tiles.

One of the major advantages of ceramic tiles that look like wood is that they can be used as under floor heating material. As we know that most of the tiles that look like wood come in larger dimensions so there are probably more chances that they are affordable. Most of people who think that real wood tiles are better than the ceramic wood tiles do not know the reality. As the buying and installation of real wood tiles depends upon the type of wood you will use in flooring. Real wood flooring starts from $4 to $16 per square feet while tiles that look like wood are way cheaper and are available in large planks rather square feet.

Whatever type of flooring or tiles you use in your home all of that depends of maintenance and cleaning. So in the fast moving world of today there are number of different products that can be used to clean different types of flooring surfaces. For tiles that look like wood you don’t need to have such expensive products as a bucket full of mild water can do the job easily.

Whether you should install the real flooring or the tiles that look like wood depends upon the environment around you. Ceramic wood tiles will give cooling effect in summer while in winter you can have a little discomfort. While real wood flooring will be comfortable in winter but can be exposed to termites or warping in environments which are damp.

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